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Community-Based Product Management Solutions

GEM InSight™ provides the tools and services you need to collaborate with your customers and make smarter product investments.

A hosted platform for community-based product management:

  • Engage your customers, partners, and employees as an active community - all collaborating to develop the best product. The community can be open to anyone or by invitation only (e.g., for registered customers).
  • Jointly define new products and features, leveraging both GEM InSight’s collaboration tools as well as others, such as for running surveys or designing mock-ups. Get tuned in daily to the changing needs of your customers - analyze priorities, design new features, and refine work in progress. Facilitated by your product managers, you get community insights throughout the product development life-cycle, increasing productivity and reducing time-to-market.
  • Correlate customers and their needs with CRM data you already have. Using GEM InSight, customers vote to identify requirements that are important to them. This enables revenue impact analysis at the requirement level, driving smarter product investments like never before possible.!

Services for community-based product management:

  • Consulting to define the right requirements content, organization, and presentation for easy and fruitful collaboration.
  • Implementation and integration services - user registration and authentication, customer service portals and systems, CRM data analysis, and others.
  • Best practices in starting and running a successful, active community.

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