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Thoughts on Product Management, Co-Creation, Technology

What’s more important – releasing products or understanding customer needs?

Yes, I know, both are important. And, of course, you need to understand customer needs before rushing to ship products, if you don’t want to completely miss the mark. But in the reality of many product managers’ day-to-day work, especially in small or medium-size companies, most of the bandwidth goes into building and releasing products. Getting out of the office, meeting with customers and prospects, and other insight-gathering activities are often reactive and tend to fall into second place in priority. Is that by choice or by accident?

Why Agile Is a Step in the Wrong Direction

One of the most crucial decisions in Agile software development is who will be the Product Owner. In an IT project done within a company or by a systems integrator this is not too difficult as someone from the line of business or an analyst representing them can typically be found. In an ISV environment, however, this becomes much tougher.

Will Co-Creation Save Product Management?

In the “2010 CEO and Business Executive Survey” by analyst firm Gartner, 85% of respondents indicated that retaining customers and enhancing existing relationships is their top priority. Last year, the top priority was cutting operating costs, so it looks like companies are now re-focusing on maintaining and enhancing their market position. Not surprisingly, maintaining competitive advantage was the second highest priority in the latest survey. All this should have been good news for product managers.

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